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Life in Le Marche, Italy - Two American expats share adventures of running La Tavola Marche an organic farm, inn & cooking school . With recipes, daily life, travels & more!

#144 - Surgery in Italy: Private vs. Public, Immigration Frustrations & Eating Out

June 23, 2020

An update from sunny central Italy! While the virtual Move to Italy Workshops have been a great success (we are extending them thru the summer!), the virtual cooking classes are a technological fail due to our shoddy satellite internet. The garden is growing and looking amazing, eating beats, radishes, lettuces and carrots already! We take a few trips out and discover our new favorite way to eat out without worry of social distancing. Then a bit of immigration frustration and bitchin' about bureaucracy. And the biggest update - Jason needs surgery after tearing his rotator cuff and we weigh the options of private vs. public health care and the pricing.