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Life in Le Marche, Italy - Two American expats share adventures of running an organic farm & inn, recipes, daily life & more!

December 24, 2017

#112 - Merry Christmas Eve -we had to call the Fire Dept!

A festive Christmas Eve episode with the holiday higlights from around town! An update on the kitchen renovation - it's finally done and then the fire department arrived...find out why! Happy Holidays - Buon Natale, Ashley & Jason


November 28, 2017

#111 - Black Friday in Italy, A Pumpkin Pie Disaster, Paid Magazine Articles & Old Rope…

In a post turkey/stuffing/pumpkin pie haze we covered a lot of ground this podcast plus another chapter of the Book! After we took the dog (dog sitting for our Dutch neighbors) on a frozen walk we fired up the mics! A little late to the party - Italy joined America by enthusiastically celebrating Black Friday with crazy sales & on thoughts on this. But first RAI (Italian TV station) arrived to interview us during our Thanksgiving Prep for a (what I hope to be lovely & endearing) segment on life in Le Marche, then returned the next day for a pumpkin pie recipe demo...it was a disaster!! We go into detail on Jason's pumpkin pie excuses.... Then we tie up a few loose ends of stories we never finished: wood delivery, Fusciani and staying at Ca' Camone. Stories of Gaggi (he's here every morning -before AND after hunting) as usual which prompts Jason to ask which is a better way to live: reusing old rope or buying a new one! Then I rant about receiving emails from online magazines offering to feature us in their magazine if we want to PAY! That's not an article - that's an advertisement!! We ramble on about life and winter projects as usual... I finish up the podcast with Chapter 12: An Easter Feast

November 9, 2017

#110 - Truffle Hunting, Immigration Costs & Christmas Trees Shopping in Italy

Now that the last guests have checked out for our 2017 season we are ready for winter projects & a christmas tree! But before we closed the doors and began to batton down the hatches we hosted a truffle hunting weekend! Jason stews over being nickle & dimed in the immigration process and begins to add up the costs already associated with our Italian citizenship! Then a little "Yummy" talk and our thoughts on adults this word! Plus the continuation of The Book!! Chapter 11: Spring in like a Lion, out like a ... fox.

Thanks for listening!!!

October 29, 2017

#109 - Kitchen Renovations in a 500 year old farmhouse & Health Care in Italy

An autumn update - from the garden and our first frost to kitchen renovations planned for the winter! We announce our 2018 calendar of cooking classes and workshops along with Ashley's thought's on the health care system in italy vs. the US.

October 2, 2017

#108 - The Big NEWS on house hunting! Plus a spontaneous Skydiving adventure!

For the faithful podcast listeners your questions will be answered in this podcast on where we are moving next! It feels good to have made a decision and now it's time to get to work with the house projects we want to tackle before the 2018 season begins! In local news: Thankfully September has brought mild wet weather - perfect for mushroom hunting - so this is the talk of town, along with the road work being down on our white road - Via Candigliano. And to top of the podcast/week - we went skydiving with the porchetta guy! Thanks for listening!!


September 7, 2017

#107 - House Hunting in Italy Continues…

We're back with this podcast all about our house hunting and negotiating wooes! Plus the latest lineup of food festivals in the area this September. Of course there's the usual morning banter and update from the garden!

August 13, 2017

#106 - Latest Local Gossip

Ciao from HOT and dry Italy! We've had a heatwave for what feels like all summer but this Sunday morning was nice and cool after a steady soft rain so without watering in the garden to do - we fired up the mics to share the hottest local gossip in town! From an antique credit card machine to funeral fun and the hot topic of immigration/refugees. This week is a bit of a downer, we're not gonna lie!

July 18, 2017

#105 - Thoughts on Italian Fine Dining in Italy…

After a little local gossip - we share our thoughts on fine Italian dining after a lunch at a Michellin Starred restaurant in Le Marche. Another chapter from the book: Porchetta Passion

Thanks for listening!

June 23, 2017

#104- Bolsena & Orvieto Summer Travel & An Interview with the Brother!

We snuck away while family was in town to Lake Bolsena and Orvieto for a few days to explore Lazio and enjoy the tourist free lake...but more importantly due to listener demand we have interviewed Jason's brother Zack (aka Fat Zac) and we hope you enjoy the banter!

June 6, 2017

#103 - New Copper Cookware for our Cooking Classes + More from the Book

It feels like Christmas in June with a huge delivery of copper cookware for our cooking classes!! Jason researched for months and explains his choice  - listen to find out who we went with and why. Plus I read a few more chapters of the book including "Welcome to the Neighborhood" delivering apple pies to our new neighbors...