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Life in Le Marche, Italy - Two American expats share adventures of running an organic farm & inn, recipes, daily life & more!

February 27, 2018

#116- What it’s REALLY like when it SNOWS in the Italian Countryside! + Another Chapter of the Book

This week podcast is brought to you by Procrastination! As the snow continues to fall we put off painting and fire up the mics for another podcast! From the most amazing samples at the grocery store to Gaggi's birthday, we tell a few tells and explain what a typical day in the snow is like living in the Italian countryside!

Thanks for listenting!

February 18, 2018

#115 - Barcelona Travel Tips, Questions about High End Hospitality + Chapter 13 from The Book!

This week's podcast we apologize to the Florence airport for our disparaging words on a previous podcast and then quickly take back the apology! An invitation to Barcelona for a five start hotel opening at the Alamanac means a surprise winter getaway to one of our favorite ciities! We share a few of the best tapas bars & spots to visit off the beaten path. Staying at the ritzy new hotel makes us ask ourselves the question about what the definition of high end hospitality is today. After seeing a photo of us dressed up & Jason in a Tux Gaggi comments on Jason's resemblence to certain infamous Producer...it's hysterical! Always there's an update from the farm and what we've been up to from Fish on Friday's, Carnevale and the local gossip about the price of wine in 2018! And finally another chapter from The Book, Chapter 13: The Doctor's In -- thanks for listening! Ashley & Jason

January 28, 2018

#114 (FILE UPDATED)- “Breaking & Entering” Do’s & Don’ts and Why Coffee Pods Suck

A light hearted Sunday podcast sharing on thoughts on life in Italy - from our discoveries while doing a little light "breaking & entering" along our road to Spring Festivals and why coffee pods suck! Plus find out what cardinal sin we commited at lunch with Gaggi! Thanks for listening!!

January 17, 2018

#113 - Airports: Florence vs. Ancona, Long Layovers & Italian “Public Relations”

A January update from our farmhouse & cooking school! With 55 kilos of salami hanging in our rafters, we’re adding another 55 kilos of sausages this Saturday. This warm winter we are ready for winter projects around the house after a short trip away. We flew out of our local airport of Ancona which was a pleasure (especially compared to Florence) and we share a priceless long layover travel tip! THanks for listening!!

December 24, 2017

#112 - Merry Christmas Eve -we had to call the Fire Dept!

A festive Christmas Eve episode with the holiday higlights from around town! An update on the kitchen renovation - it's finally done and then the fire department arrived...find out why! Happy Holidays - Buon Natale, Ashley & Jason


November 28, 2017

#111 - Black Friday in Italy, A Pumpkin Pie Disaster, Paid Magazine Articles & Old Rope…

In a post turkey/stuffing/pumpkin pie haze we covered a lot of ground this podcast plus another chapter of the Book! After we took the dog (dog sitting for our Dutch neighbors) on a frozen walk we fired up the mics! A little late to the party - Italy joined America by enthusiastically celebrating Black Friday with crazy sales & on thoughts on this. But first RAI (Italian TV station) arrived to interview us during our Thanksgiving Prep for a (what I hope to be lovely & endearing) segment on life in Le Marche, then returned the next day for a pumpkin pie recipe demo...it was a disaster!! We go into detail on Jason's pumpkin pie excuses.... Then we tie up a few loose ends of stories we never finished: wood delivery, Fusciani and staying at Ca' Camone. Stories of Gaggi (he's here every morning -before AND after hunting) as usual which prompts Jason to ask which is a better way to live: reusing old rope or buying a new one! Then I rant about receiving emails from online magazines offering to feature us in their magazine if we want to PAY! That's not an article - that's an advertisement!! We ramble on about life and winter projects as usual... I finish up the podcast with Chapter 12: An Easter Feast

November 9, 2017

#110 - Truffle Hunting, Immigration Costs & Christmas Trees Shopping in Italy

Now that the last guests have checked out for our 2017 season we are ready for winter projects & a christmas tree! But before we closed the doors and began to batton down the hatches we hosted a truffle hunting weekend! Jason stews over being nickle & dimed in the immigration process and begins to add up the costs already associated with our Italian citizenship! Then a little "Yummy" talk and our thoughts on adults this word! Plus the continuation of The Book!! Chapter 11: Spring in like a Lion, out like a ... fox.

Thanks for listening!!!

October 29, 2017

#109 - Kitchen Renovations in a 500 year old farmhouse & Health Care in Italy

An autumn update - from the garden and our first frost to kitchen renovations planned for the winter! We announce our 2018 calendar of cooking classes and workshops along with Ashley's thought's on the health care system in italy vs. the US.

October 2, 2017

#108 - The Big NEWS on house hunting! Plus a spontaneous Skydiving adventure!

For the faithful podcast listeners your questions will be answered in this podcast on where we are moving next! It feels good to have made a decision and now it's time to get to work with the house projects we want to tackle before the 2018 season begins! In local news: Thankfully September has brought mild wet weather - perfect for mushroom hunting - so this is the talk of town, along with the road work being down on our white road - Via Candigliano. And to top of the podcast/week - we went skydiving with the porchetta guy! Thanks for listening!!


September 7, 2017

#107 - House Hunting in Italy Continues…

We're back with this podcast all about our house hunting and negotiating wooes! Plus the latest lineup of food festivals in the area this September. Of course there's the usual morning banter and update from the garden!