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Life in Le Marche, Italy - Two American expats share adventures of running an organic farm & inn, recipes, daily life & more!

May 18, 2020

#142 - The Latest from Italy - Restrictions/Openings, Bread Baking Tips & the Garden

Thanks for waiting, there hasn't been much new in our neck of the woods. We give you an update on the restrictions and openings in Italy. Jason shares a few common bread baking problems and tips to he's learned along the way. And Gaggi returns to the Garden...

April 6, 2020

#141 - Country Living has it’s perks - bartering is back!

An update from deep in the Italian countryside! Bartering is alive and well in the foot hills of the Apennines, and we are now making our living off our free-range eggs! We answer your question on if we will reboot our online cooking classes, announce the ‘winner’ of our photo submission request and share our new favorite Italian TV show, Cammionisti in Trattoria. Jason scratches the surface of his bread baking obsession. Ashley reads a few chapters from the book - The Art of the Mushroom Hunt, A Patron Saint and The Harvest.

Thanks for listening!!

March 13, 2020

#140 - Living in Italy during the Lockdown

An update from our neck of the woods in Le Marche, Italy during the nationwide shutdown/lockdown. Living la vita lockdown (a bad pun for Jason!), staying home & healthy, busy as usual with projects around the farmhouse and hoping for the best come April! Be sure to share your photos of where you listen to the podcast with #podcastfromItaly or message us on Facebook or Instagram!

February 27, 2020

#139 - Rebuilding the Coop = A trip to the ER

A Coronavirus update from our neck of the woods in Le Marche, Italy. Back to work and Ashley's quickly on the IR (injured reserve)! The weather took a strange turn from mild and sunny to a snowstorm in hours. Plus Ashley reads another 2 chapters from the unpublished, unfinished book!!

February 17, 2020

#138 - House Hunting in Italy | Exploring Ruins with a Realistic POV

A warm winter across Italy is bringing Spring vegetables to the market in February. Jason goes down the rabbit hole on local items for sale on FB Marketplace. He shares a few of his big finds! In celebration of carnevale we prepare cresce di Pasqua but end up with 8 kilos of FAIL! Water cooler talk in town is all about curing sausages! We learn we are not alone with some of problems this year curing our salami & sausages. And in the midst of winter projects we explore a nearby ‘ruin’ on our continuing quest to find our ‘forever home’ for one day…

February 7, 2020

#137 - This Ain’t No Bathtub Gin

Preperations for carnevale are in full swing & the parade of endless sweets: castagnole, struffoli, cookies and so much more!  We finally answer your burning question, Where’s the Tractor? Which leads us into a discussion on the garden and learning how to start thousands of seeds for our tomatoes, onions,… everything! On a recent wine tasting (for research purposes only), I happily discover a nearby winery, is one of the last in Italy making vin santo in the antique way - hanging the grapes in the kitchen rafters & letting the fireplace slowly smoke & cure the grapes before they make the wine.
Another chapter from the Book: This Ain't No Bathtub Gin


January 27, 2020

#136 - How Much Does it Cost to Move to Italy? & Italian Truck Stop Diners

Preparing for a move to Italy? We share a few of the most frequently asked questions and offer our candid answers: How much does it cost to move to Italy? Can I buy a house in Italy as a Foreigner? and How to Open a Bank Account in Italy.
An update on the 2020 Salami & Sausage making and the annual “Great Salt Debate” with Dr. Gaggi. We chat about the real cost of cheap flights and a truck stop find in Imola! Winter projects continue and it’s time to plan out our new greenhouse!
I read 2 chapters from the Book - Running Over the Hill & Guests - a look back at our first summer in Italy. Thanks for listening!!
January 9, 2020

#135 - Avanti un Altro…. and the Holiday Wrap Up

A jam packed post holidays podcast! After a quick look at the 2020 calendar of cooking workshops we're planning at the farmhouse, we jumped right in. We had a lot to talk about this episode: From the death defying drive over the Apennines with Gaggi & Ashley’s debut at the Christmas concert, to our thoughts on Livorno. Then we spent New Years in Corsica and finished the holiday season with the annual Festa della Befana in our neighbouring village of Urbania. A little reminiscing about our first time to the festival, 14 years ago! The conversation turns to the difficulties & realities of farming in Italy today. But what we are really excited to talk about is Avanti un Altro, a spectularly Italian, over the top, game show!  We share why this has become our new favorite, must-see TV show!


December 24, 2019

#134 - Holiday Happenings & Memories of our 1st Christmas in Italy

A recap of all the holiday happenings in town from cappelletti making with Dr. Gaggi to Christmas cookies, Jason's scarring trip to the salon, 'war games' and packs of wild boar... there's lots going on in our valley lately! Plus Ashley reads a chapter from the book - remembering our first Christmas in Italy and that it wasn't what we had imagined...

Buon Natale!!

December 6, 2019

#133 - Road trip thru the Alps: The Food, Wine, Culture

Celebrating Thanksgiving with a road trip thru the Alps to find our Christmas trees to bring home to Le Marche! Our set destinations: Verona, Vipiteno, Innsbruck, Soprabolzano, Moena & Trento - stopping for cheese, meats, wines, hockey and Christmas markets along the way! Sharing a few of our favorite meals & memories - we realize we eat a lot!

Thanks for listening to this holiday episode of our inconsistent podcast from Italy!!